Archive of Articles About the History of Huron

The Interurban Railroad and the Lake Shore Electric Railway

November 20th, 2013

Interurban railroads were electrically-powered trains designed to connect communities together. A quick and cheap alternative to regular railroads, canals, or horses, the interurban became a popular mode of travel at the beginning of the 20th century. While the interurban railroads … Continue reading

Remembering A Shopkeeper From the Old Downtown

October 12th, 1972

When reminiscing about Huron’s old downtown, always mentioned is the newsstand and Yale LaVoo. Published in the Sandusky Register on Thursday, October 12, I972, was an interview done by Greg Stricharchuk just before the newsstand closed. Following is the interview … Continue reading

There Was Trouble in River City

July 9th, 1969

This article appeared in the July 9, 1969 issue of The Reporter, Huron’s weekly newspaper. Another major article was “Woman Swims Four Miles to Save Herself” and an editorial, ” A Disgraceful Non-Performance” prompted by a storm that struck during … Continue reading

August 1967 – Tragedy Puts Huron in the News

August 28th, 1967

On Sunday, August 28, 1967, at 4 p.m. seventeen skydivers parachuted accidentally into Lake Erie just east of Huron. The accident was considered one of the worst disasters in a sport that had become popular during the 1950s. The following article … Continue reading