Archive of Articles About the History of Huron

A Well-Won Success Story: The Huron Playhouse

April 27th, 1967

When summer comes to Vacationland, the opening of the Huron Playhouse is a sure sign that it is here. The following article “Huron Playhouse-Oldest Summer Theatre in Ohio Draws Crowds” appeared in the April 27, 1967 Progress Edition of The Reporter. … Continue reading

Huron gets new plant

October 21st, 1966

Clouds of smoke on the horizon have become a landmark of Huron,  as have the Presbyterian Church steeple, the Christmas tree on top of the mill, and the old water tower once located behind the fire station. Today, often a … Continue reading

Before Colonial Colony and the Huron Plaza

May 20th, 1954

Anyone, who grew up or visited Huron in the 1950s, fondly recalls a children’s amusement park just west of the city limits called Kiddieland. Located on what is now the Carriage Square Apartment complex and the entrance to Colonial Colony … Continue reading

Huron Designated As Danger Area By A.D.C.

August 21st, 1953

The following article from the August 1953 Erie County Reporter tells of Huron’s part in the Cold War that began in 1947 with communist countries, especially the Soviet Union. There was a belief that the Korean War, 1950-1953, served as a … Continue reading