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By 1922, the cottage owners formed the Rye Beach Owners Association and it was incorporated as the Village of Rye Beach. The park had a dock, boat harbor, sewer and water treatment plant, and a kindergarten. As soldiers returned from WWII, the conversion of the summer cottages into year-round residents was on the upswing. It was 1955 before Rye Beach was annexed to the Village of Huron; but its shear number of residents boosted Huron from “village” status to “municipality” status in 1961.

Photo for Rye Beach /Osters Trailer Park
The Max Osterling family moved from Cleveland to Huron in1944 and opened Osters Trailor Sales and Park on the corner of Atwood Place and Cleveland Road. It was the site of the former Rye Beach Dance Hall, which burned in 1943.
Photo for Rye Beach /Osters Trailer Park
Max Osterling's truck advertised Oster's Trailer Sales and Camp.
Photo for Rye Beach /Osters Trailer Park
The Osterlings built the Osters Dairy Inn in 1952. A dining room was added in 1954. In the 1970s the restaurant was renamed Numbers and was known for its homemade donuts. Today it is Lemmy's Restaurant.
Photo for Rye Beach /Osters Trailer Park
A 80 foot-by-180 foot dance hall was erected in 1922 with the first floor accommodating concessions and a 600 person dance-floor and the second floor housing a dining hall. Bootlegger Melburn Scheid was arrested for selling alcohol from the dance hall in Oct. 1924. The dance hall was a popular attraction for younger audiences and held a dance marathon in 1931 that attracted contestants from all over the state.

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