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The area from Rye Beach west to Perkins Township was at one time considered West Huron. The land was settled by farm families beginning in the mid 1800s. Some of those families included the Grahams, who owned the property now known as Plum Brook Country Club; the Galloways of Galloway Road; the Hindes, who own the Hinde Airport on Boos Road; the Everetts, who owned the land where the Chapel and Lakefield Condominiums are located; the Osborns who owned the property that is now Osborn Park; the Camps of Camp Road; the Schnaitters, who owned what is now the Fitzgerald Allotment; the Dildines, who owned land on the lake near Cedar Point; the Dauchs and the Hughes.

There was quite a bit of intermarriage between the farm families and they would often sell land back and forth to each other.

Photo for West Huron
The West Huron Baseball Team of 1900 Front Row: William Lundy, Myron Osborne, Marten Purcell. Middle Row: William Hinde, Tom Lundy, Edward Everett, George Hinde Back Row: James Dildine, Sam Purcell, Charles Dildine, Ed Hughes, Frank Everett
Photo for West Huron
An article about the West Huron ghost from the February 9, 1899 issue of the Reporter.
Photo for West Huron
West Huron natives James Hinde and Jacob Dauch founded the Hinde and Dauch Paper Company in 1887. James, the son of William J. and Ellen Hinde and Jacob, the son of Philip and Mary Dauch, started their partnership in 1882 to harvest and bale the straw from West Huron farms for papermaking. The company eventually developed corrugated paper, which made Hinde and Dauch a leader in the field.
Photo for West Huron
Pictured outside of McCormick School in the early 1950s are classmates Ken Bruns, Bob Boos, Jerry Franklin and Rollie Schlessman. They grew up in West Huron. As adults Ken Bruns owned Ken's Body Shop, Bob Boos farms and serves as a Huron Township Trustee, Jerry Franklin started Franklin Sanitation and became a volunteer fire fighter, and Rollie Schlessman is a long-time farmer in the township.

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