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In the mid 1960s Huron designated the area bounded by the New York Central railroad tracks, River Road, Sprowl Road and the corporation line the Huron Industrial Park. The first business to locate in the park was DuPont, which opened a methanol manufacturing plant in 1962. Two more industries tied to DuPont followed. Air Reduction Sales Co. (AIRCO) built a plant to supply DuPont with oxygen and Cardox, which used excess carbon dioxide from DuPont to make liquid carbon dioxide, began operations in 1964. The Glidden Company, which manufactures coatings and resins for paints, was completed in 1966. DuPont closed in 1972, which caused the eventual demise of AIRCO and Cardox. Glidden has changed ownership several times, and now operates as PPG Paints.Today several small manufacturing plants are located on River Road, as well as several farms.

Photo for Berlin Road/River Road Farms and Businesses
A.M. Woolson, a Huron Township native, bought the Reynolds farm in 1907. The president of the Woolson Spice Co. in Toledo, Mr. Woolson used the brick mansion, which was located near the corner of Berlin and Darrow Roads, as his summer home. After Mr. Woolson's death in 1927 the 225 acre property, which included 4 houses, was sold to Morris Green. The main house, which was used as a hotel, was completely destroyed by fire in 1929.
Photo for Berlin Road/River Road Farms and Businesses
This stately farmhouse on the corner of Berlin and Sprowl Roads was built about 1853 on a tract of 150 acres by Ashley Hollister, a farmer originally from Vermont. He served as a Huron Township trustee for 13 years and the justice of the peace for 12 years. After his death in 1874 the farm was sold to Joseph W. Smith, a farmer who had financial interest in the elevator, grain and coal business in Huron. 1879. The Smith family owned the property 1879 to 1933 when it was transferred to Citizen’s Banking Company. The next long-term owner was the family of Harry Boos, who bought the farm in 1937 and owned it until 1989. Harry was a straw buyer for the Hinde and Dauch Paper Mill, which was founded by Huron Township men James Hinde and Jacob Dauch. He later became a dairy farmer. Chris and Lisa Basting have owned the home since 1989.
Photo for Berlin Road/River Road Farms and Businesses
Louis and Cecilia Enderle moved to Huron from Bellevue in 1923. They had six children: Charles, Lewis (also known as Ed), Wayne, Alice, William, and Elanor. Louis and his sons Lewis and William farmed what was known as the Esch farm on Rt. 13 (then known as Rt. 299). The property was later bought by Bruce Palmer and is the site of Thunderbird Hills Golf Course South. Louis, Cecilia and their children lived in a house on the farm, which was torn down when the golf course was built. In addition to farming with their father, Lewis and William owned farmland in Huron and Huron Township where they raised soybeans, corn, and wheat. Later generations added pumpkins, strawberries, asparagus, and raspberries. Today, several members of the Enderle family have farms on River Road, Huron Avery Road and Mason Road. Ed, the son of Lewis and grandson of Louis, carries on the family tradition of serving as a Huron Township trustee.
Photo for Berlin Road/River Road Farms and Businesses
John and Anna Rhinemiller emmigrated to the United States from Germany in the early 1830s and settled in Huron. They bought a tract of land on the corner of old Sprowl Road and Berlin Road and built a house for their growing family that still stands today. Several generations of Rhinemillers farmed the surrounding land and raised their families in the old homestead, which remained in the family until 1973. John and Anna were instrumental in the formation of the early Huron Methodist Church. At one time the Rhinemillers owned and farmed land on Berlin, Sprowl and River Roads.

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