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According to Huron Township records, the Huron Fire Department began operations in 1860. Prior to 1881 the village acquired a hand pumped fire engine that was operated by the men of the village whenever a fire ignited. In 1886 a permanent group of 25 volunteer fire fighters was formed, called the Huron Rescue Fire Company. (Video: Joyce Klein Boyes, 2009)

Photo for Fire and Police Departments
Members of Huron's volunteer fire department with Perry Brown's livery team. The horse drawn hose and ladder wagon was purchased from the city of Elyria in 1915. With the exception of the chief, the Huron Fire Department was operated by volunteers until 1969, when a full time fire department was organized. The city purchased its first ambulance to provide emergency services for residents. Previously the ambulance was owned and operated by the city’s funeral home director, Ron Wheland.
Photo for Fire and Police Departments
The village jail was built in 1879. There was an open air jail just to the left of the town hall. The village marshal would lock up drunk sailors in a iron cage until they sobered up. Village children would watch the sailors fight about whose ship was the best. As part of urban renewal the old fire and police stations were replaced by a modern building that the departments use today.
Photo for Fire and Police Departments
The Sandusky Fire engine was used to battle the fire at the Odd Fellow Hall in Huron June 3, 1909.
Photo for Fire and Police Departments
The Parkland Hotel, located next to fire and police departments, was built in 1907. It was later renamed the Huron Hotel. In the 1940s the hotel handled all fire and police calls by sounding a siren and later used a flashing light on a telephone pole in front of the hotel. When an officer heard the siren or saw the flashing light he would check at the hotel for the information.

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